Thursday, September 21, 2006

June 2006 Bugs and Blossoms

Hey Dex! This is more about me than you…sorry; sometimes Mommy gets to think about herself (not often, but sometimes). One of the things that has kept Mommy sane is my online playgroup. Everyday Mommy gets to “talk” to other Mommy friends about everything baby! The greatest thing is they were all born the same month as you. You know how Mommy just increased you to 6 ounce bottles? You can thank the June Bugs and Blossoms playgroup for that! You know how you got your Bumbo? Well, thank Aunt Kate for that but Mommy wanted one because so many people in your playgroup talked about how great they were. Daddy picks on me about about my “online” friends, but as you will find out as you grow up, being able to talk things out with someone who is going through the same thing is often priceless. (On a side note…. everyone in our playgroup thinks you are adorable. Check out your picture in our playgroup signature!)

Look at the difference 7 weeks makes!

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