Monday, September 18, 2006

Weeks 2-5

Wow! So much happened in these weeks! Your umbilical cord fell off on the 13th of July and Aunt Kate gave you your first bath on the 15th (mommy was too scared to bathe such a little thing). We found out you had acid reflux and you went on a new formula that stops you from spitting up. You were packing a very healthy weight of 10 pounds 10 ounces, though You met your GranMim and your Granddad Bill as well as your Great Aunt Regina, your 2nd cousin Meghan (you'll just call her Aunt Meghan) and your 1st cousin once removed (is that what it is?) David. Wow - he fell madly in love with you (pictures of that will be coming!). He loved your "cute little chin". Daddy and I continued to realize what a wonderful and peaceful little man you were. By the end of this period you were sleeping about 7 hours a night. Your only problem was that you didn't like to go back to sleep (you're like your mommy - she fights sleep too). Because you were sleeping such long stints mommy started to feel human again!

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