Tuesday, October 24, 2006

16 Weeks Old!

Wow! We have been so busy around here. Here's the gist of our adventures:
1. On October 17th you started to lift your head by yourself and you rolled over for real! You really scared yourself when you rolled over because you really didn't roll; it was more like you "thumped" over!

2. Your Aunt Angi had her gallstones out so you got bounced all over kingdome come last week. You were babysat by Nana, Gammy, Grampy, Mommy, Paula and Aunt Kate! You were passed around like a little rag-a-muffin!
3. You are making real giggle sounds and blowing bubbles! You are such the man!
4. You got your first cold on Sunday 10/21. You were miserable but still so well tempered. You are starting to feel better today and at least you got a really cool Thomas the Tank Engine humidifier out of it!
5. You got to go out with Uncle Roger, Grammy and Mom and Dad for Grammy's birthday. We went to the Westford Regency for brunch and had a great time although you were starting to get the cold and slept most of the time!

It puts the baby in the basket!

Our little sweet pea!

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