Saturday, January 20, 2007

Week 29 - I found my toes!

Hello all! Everything is good here in my world. Mommy keeps telling you how well I'm sitting so I thought I'd prove it to you with a couple of snapshots. I'm getting a little help from the Boppy and the chair in these pictures but I'm getting really good at doing it by myself too!

Don't I look like I'm up to no good in this picture?

So Mommy's been cursing all week about all the money she's spent on toys because all I want to play with is my feet. It was so cool - all I had to do was look past my chubby belly and there were these cool new toys that are attached to me. How rockin'!

I'm doing some really cool new tricks now. First off, I can hold my own bottle. I got sick and tired of waiting for the adults to do it so I figured it was just easier to do it myself. Seriously, sometimes their work is just not up to par. I have also begun to fight Daddy for the remote control! It's so shiny and has all these cool buttons! Mommy is psyched someone will challenge Daddy for the remote and daddy keeps saying, "That's my boy." Daddy and I have been reading this cool book called "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". I'm not really into the plotline yet but I really like spending time with my Daddy!

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