Saturday, January 27, 2007

Week 30 - Still Standing

Well, I've been around 30 weeks and the folks haven't seemed to screw me up yet. Although they try.......

Why do adults think it is funny to put small children into large items where they don't belong? Come one, this is such low brow humor. in a box. What a riot.

Milestone update:
1. I got a new tooth this week! It's breaking on through right next to my first one so that gives me two on the bottom. From what I've heard by the baby water cooler (yes we have a water cooler) I still can't chew steak if I only have two teeth on the bottom. Foiled again!
2. We got new professional pictures taken this week! Mommy is going to post some later.
3. I took my first big boy bath today (video to come...). It was so much fun!

Other than that - look at me hold my baba!

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