Saturday, May 26, 2007

My future's so bright I got to wear my new shades

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I am so excited for summer! Mommy got me new sunglasses and a floppy hat that I hate but now I can partake in the glorious outdoors.

This week has been fun. I have been moving around a lot! I'm not crawling yet, but all I want to do is get on my stomach and drag myself around using my arms. I can turn around 360 degrees on my tummy just by using my arms!

Yesterday I got to see one of my new best friends! Her name is Gaby and she was born on Mother's Day. I already love her tons! After we visited Gaby and Auntie Merry and Uncle Alberto, Mommy and Daddy took me to the Lobster Boat. Supposedly I'm to young to have lobster.
102 - Lobster Boat!
It looked like a lot of fun to eat, but nooooo,,,,I 'm just a baby. Instead I got to eat Cheerios and flirt with all the people around me.

18 more days till Mommy is done with school and workshops! Let the fun begin!!

I got to be designated driver

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