Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lazy, Crazy Days of Summer

You would think that summer would allow Mommy to blog all the time but we are just way too busy having fun! We did realize that we haven't updated everyone on the cool new things I can do/have so here it goes:
1. I now have 8 teeth! Just in time for summer bbq and corn on the cob. MMMM...MMMMM...good!
2. I made up my own crawl. Sometimes I army crawl and drag myself all over and sometimes I crawl the "normal" way (that is such a realtive term). Mommy loves how my army crawl has increased her laundry duty!
3. I can stand! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! My favorite place to stand is in the bathtub. Some of the other babies told me that this was wicked safe!
4. I'm just beginning to learn that if you are standing, you can move your feet! Did you know that? I wonder what will happen if I move my feet alot?
5. I give kisses! Big, fat, open-mouthed tongue kisses. Just the other day I gave Mommy 17 kisses in a row (because she's my homegirl!) Every morning I love to give Eco kisses. He also gives big, fat, open-mouthed tongue kisses. I only learn from the best!
6. I still only say "dada" but I say it all the time with lots of different inflections. As Daddy says, "dada" is a noun, a verb, an adjective, an interjection, etc. That's just how I roll!
7. I give awesome high fives!
8. If you tell me "no", I shake my head back and forth and giggle at you. I totally know what "no" means but it doesn't mean I like it!!
9. I like to whine and cry when I do't get my way!
10. I finished reading Harry Potter in about 12 hours...sorry, that was Mommy. I just climbed all over her back while she did it!

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