Sunday, December 23, 2007

Because my mommy is a bad blogger...

Mommy has been really bad about blogging lately. She's been great at digitally scrapbooking all my important events but we're sure some of you just like the good old blog.
I went to see Santa last week at the mall and hated every minute of it. Mommy is trying to scan in the pictures so you can see my fear and shame. Santa came to school on Friday and brought me a really cool Elmo book. I still hated the man and this time refused to get near him all altogether.
I'm still not walking. I refuse! I am perfectly fine crawling and I have now found that I can walk on my knees. As far as I'm concerned, I could go on like this forever. Come on, I'm sure you've seen successful 28 year old men that only crawl and walk on their knees. No?...well, I'll be the first!
I have learned a new word but Mommy and Daddy aren't as overjoyed as you would think. I learned how to say no! I learned it because Daddy is always telling me "no" when I try to shove my hand in the toilet. Well, hah! The tables are turned. Not only do I love saying "no" but I especially love saying it to Daddy. If he hugs me while I'm playing, he gets a big ol' no! Hah! Take that!
Well, I'm not really happy that that big, fat guy with a beard is coming to the hous Monday night but I am excited to get new toys. Uncle Bob already gave me the coolest fort and building toys! Mommy made the fort and it resembled a castle fit for a king. Daddy got his hands on it yesterday and now I have a one car garage. Thanks Dada. I'll make sure I give you an extra helping of "no" this week!

We got another snow day on Thursday! We have more snow in our yard than we had all last winter. Daddy is building me a sleding ramp because the snow is too tall for Mama! She'll get lost if we try to sled!

Eco loves the snow! He loves snow days because everyone stays home with him!

I still love Elmo. Enough said!

Watching the water swirl down the toilet is a hoot!

Christmas shopping at the mall is great. Well, not really but dinner in the Food Court was!

So, I really don't think my Mommy feeds my Daddy. She's always giving me the greatest food but I'm not sure if Dada gets the same treatment. Because of my suspicions, I like to make sure I feed my Dada as much as possible. Here's what happens when Dada just wants a couple of Cheez Its for a snack.

I think Dada's Hungry! from momtodex on Vimeo.

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kathie said...

I sure hope this wasn't right after a "hand in the toilet" incident.....Merry Christmas to you all!! Can't wait to see you Tues. morning!