Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm throwing the folks a bone

You know how I'm stubborn and like to do things on my own sweet time table? Well, I decided to throw Mom and Dad a bone and do some of that "milestone" stuff to make them happy. So, I finally let them know that I do know how to walk. I actually walked about 15 to 20 steps across my classroom the other day (Mommy and Daddy were there to see it) all by myself. Of course, seeing its me, that is all I have decided to give them for now. Now, I've gone back to telling them no when they want me to walk. I do really enjoy walking out of daycare holding Mommy and Daddy's hands. That is fun and exhausting.

So, I've also decided to let them know that yes, I do understand them and yes, I can talk. Up until last week all I said was Mama (not frequently though), Dada and no. Now I can say Elmo, Ernie, eye (when I say this I point to Mommy's eye or my ear;, does it really make a difference?), and have some beginning versions of dog and all done. I told you all not to worry!

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