Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January in a nutshell (or a scrapbook page)

Mommy knows she has gotten a little behind on keeping the world updated on my life (because the world want to know!) but she has an excuse: this has been a month of milestones. I am quickly becoming a toddler and require lots of playing time and constant surveillance! Mommy loved making the end of year scrapbook for 2007 but she thought it might be easier to scrapbook at the end of the month for the 2008 catalog of my life. So, here's a look at all the high points of January!!!!

Mommy, Daddy and I got to spend the Patriots' Playoff game at our friends, the Rants. We had a great time and I practiced walking all over the place. Daddy had trouble watching me walk and the football game all at the same time. I was really excited because I was finally able to meet my new friend, BabyRants. He's really little and doesn't like to play with toys! Who doesn't like to play with toys? He was cute, though and Mommy said we could probably play together next year when the Patriots are in the playoffs (hee hee).

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