Friday, February 29, 2008

What a wonderful February Vacation!

Mommy and I were on vacation this week and we had a fabulous time!

We played and played our hearts out every day. We played with balls and puzzles and any toy that makes lots of noise!

We read... alot. On a daily basis I made Mommy read me the same 10 books about 5 times apiece. My favorite books right now are Merry Christmas Stinky Face and any book with Elmo in it! Mommy is so happy I ant to read all the time and giggles her booty off when I walk across the house with a book so she can read to me!

We went to Barnes and Noble and... oh my... have you seen how many books they have? Mommy was quite impressed that I found every section of Elmo books in the children's section.

I also got to play with a really cool Thomas the Tank Engine train set at the bookstore.

On Monday we went to Tiff and Ryan's and had a playdate with all my friends. I was a little intimidated by the big boys and the babies kind of bored me so I found my interest in the big screen television. Daddy would have been proud.

Today, Mommy, Aunt Kate, Cousin Kaleb and I went to this really cool indoor playground called perpetual motion. I wouldn't go on this bouncy toy but I had no problem trying to eat it.

At first I didn't remember how to swing but then I remembered that I love it.

My absolute favorite was the ball pit. I loved sticking my hand way down and throwing all the balls all over the place. I even liked the slide that goes into the ball pit. I kept signing "more" to Mommy so she'd put me down the slide again and again.

The kitchen was cool because I could open all the cupboards and shut them. You know how much I love opening and closing doors.

I really enjoyed sticking my head out all the windows.

Even though I'm short, I started to work on my bball skills.

At first I found the sandbox to be really creepy but then I fell in love. What fun...not very tasty...but fun!

We had such a great vacation that I can't wait to April (or when Mommy wins the lottery and can quit her job)!

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