Friday, March 28, 2008

March was...bleh.

Mommy is really sorry for being a horrible blogger this month. She was sick, Daddy is taking 2 classes a week, she' trying to create the gala spectacular Grad Dance for her students and basically she'd rather spend her minimal free time playing with me than blogging about me. I think I'm okay with that!

I have 2 cool new tricks up sleeve. First off, I learned how to snap. Not really but I think it is cool when Mommy and Daddy snap so I tried to figure out how to do it. What I do is click my thumb while I touch my fingers together. I think this works even better! Second, my new favorite word is "chocolate". I love chocolate milk and like to walk around the house saying "oclat" hoping somebody, I mean anybody would just give me some chocolate milk!

So, for some odd reason, we have a snow day today! That means Mommy got some time to "make memories". Check out March's scrapbook!

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