Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If the black plague could appear in North America, it would start in my living room...

Holy hockey sticks Batman! My family is sick! I don't mean sick in the head (although the 'rents are kind of twisted sometimes). I mean, snotty nose, upset stomach, sore throat, call the CDC because we might have an unknown strain of the flu sick. In the last month and a half, this is how the tally has gone:

Mommy = 2 diagnosed cases of strep throat, 1 bad week of allergies and 1 stomach virus
Daddy = two possible cases of strep throat ( Daddy has some weird Dr. issues so we'll never know), bad allergies
Me = allergies, stomach virus and right now I'm suffering with a bad cough and cold

Geez! We are usually a healthy family. Why are we suddenly falling apart? Needless to say Daddy spent half of his vacation in bed sick and Mommy and I are spending our vacation together, sick, in bed and watching a lot of Curious George. This is not what I had in mind for vacation.
On a positive note, Grammim and Grandpa Bill came to see me today! We had so much fun! They hadn't seen me walk yet so they were so excited to watch me run around the house. Of course I showed them my mad skillz of counting (I can count to five and I really mean it!). They brought me a really cool lawn mower that shoots out bubbles; I love bubbles!!!!
So, because we are on quarantine and not allowed to leave the house by a Federal decree, Mommy made this cartoon of me playing by the toilet. Enjoy!!!

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