Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mother's Day!

Now that Mommy's job is winding down (kind of... 2 weeks to go!) we can take some time to blog about stuff from way back when!
On Mother's Day Daddy, Mommy, Grammy, Roger and Dannielle and I went for lunch at the Weathervane. Mommy ordered me these really cool mini cheeseburgers and they rocked! They were the perfect size for my little hands! I acted like me weirdo self at the restaurant but I was well behaved. Weird but well!

We came home and played in the backyard because I love me some backyard running around!

Mommy, I'm getting to big to hold!

I practiced my letters and numbers. I know 20 letters now and I can call my mother by a proper name. Don't tell her I could do it all along.

Sometimes I just need to show my Mama some love!!!

Okay, now its time to blow this joint!!!! Happy belated Mother's Day everyone!!! I hope you were all nice to your mommy!

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