Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cool fun in the summer sun... local!

So, I really can't remember what last summer was like because I was just one, but all I know is that this summer rocks. Since we're not going on vacation, Mama is spending lots of time researching cheap or free things to do in our neck of the woods. We are going to try to do one outing a week and Mama has named it our "Weekly Outing Extravaganza"!

This week we went to the Franklin Park Zoo and had an awesome time (There is a very elaborate scrapbooking project going on right now. We'll get back to you with those pics in a couple of days). Today, though we had a surprise Extravaganza bonus. Mama was looking at her blogs last night and saw one where another Mommy took her kids to this really cool park. When Mama Googled it, she found out its down the street! We couldn't believe our luck. Our town recently spent $850,000 to renovate the old public pool into a killer playground. Mama, Daddy and I packed the sunscreen and raisins, this morning and headed off to check out if this place was any good.

Oh, my, gosh!!!! Holy coolness....

I tried the slide and swing and a couple of riding toys.

My attention was shifted at 11 a.m. when the water went on....

They put in a water park!!!! I stripped down, beared the guns and went in!

At first I was really timid. This was a little different, after all (and those of you who know me, know I'm not always good with different).

Mommy even came in to join me with the fun, but I had no time for her.

I just wanted WATER!!!!!!

I spent almost an hour playing in the water. It was really cool because they would turn on different jets at different times so I had to run from one station to the next. I giggled and shrieked like a mad man the whole time and had a lot of other Mommies and Daddies laughing. Mama thought it was funny that I didn't like any station with a fine mist; I liked it when the water came down in buckets!!! I could have stayed there forever, but Mama and Dada made us leave when I started to drink the water off the ground (it's really clean and new but it is the inner city, folks!). I carried on a conversation about water in the car for a good ten minutes on the way home. What I'm really excited about, though, is Mama said we could go all the time because its local and free! Give me an "Amen" for local and free!

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