Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why, hello there!

Summer is over and we're back at school so the blogging gets fewer and farther between. Mommy said no matter how busy I am, though, I should take the time to let my fans know how I am doing, so here goes.....

One of my favorite things to do right now is hiding and my favorite hiding place is in the entertainment center. Daddy thinks it is ridiculously weird but Mommy told him that its normal... or is it?

Here is my first day of school picture... I look happy, don't I? The transition back to school was great. I love my new teachers and am really glad to be back with all my peeps. Mommy and Daddy can tell I already have my teachers wrapped around my finger. Sometimes its hard to keep this "I am a really great and cute kid" act up.

My new favorite thing is personal hygiene. I looooove to wash my hands and brush my teeth! Sometimes, I stick my hands in the toilet on purpose because then I get to wash my hands!!!

Yesterday, Mama, Daddy, Nana, Grampy, Kaleb and I went to Perpetual Motion to blow off some steam. I loved it even more than the last time. I really fell in love with the spiral slide but sometimes I came down backwards. We had so much fun!!!

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B&B's Blogspot said...

Yay!! an update. Nice photos!