Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Mama is soooo sorry she hasn't updated all my fans. Between taking care of me, finalizing her yearbook for school and starting to order stuff for her end of the year dance, she has been really busy. Of course, I also hog the computer so she doesn't get much time on it. Right now my favorite websites are Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse and You Tube (I like to watch ABC videos, not those stupid videos of cats going potty on the toilet).

First off, I am still ridiculously cute and getting cuter by the day.

In late January Mama, Daddy and I went to see Sesame Street Live. My head almost exploded. I couldn't believe I was seeing all my friends. For the first half of the show, I was in shock and awe and kept whispering, "Sesame Street". For the second half of the show I danced my little booty off!

I Want Sesame Street!!! from momtodex on Vimeo.

Over February vacation Mama and I did lots of stuff! We went to Imajine That! with Merry abd Gaby. Of course, I found the letters most interesting.

On the Friday night of vacation, The parents took me to the Boston Children's Museum and it was a blast!!!

My favorite parts were the ball and bubble room. We're going back over April vacation and I can't wait.

Mama also took me to a really cool kids barber shop called Snip Its. We don't have any pictures of that because I screamed bloody murder the whole time. Once I was sufficiently covered in tears, snot, hair and blood ( I scratched my nose) and the haircut was done, I decided that this was a really cool place!
On an ending note, I am starting to learn the sounds for all the letters and can name words that start with certain letters. I'm getting smarter by the day!!!!

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