Monday, September 18, 2006

Weeks 6 and 7

During your sixth and seventh week on this planet you had some major firsts. You made your first cooing sounds, you went on your first vacation and you smiled for the first time. On August 5th, we rented a cottage on Lake Willoughby in Vermont. This was Mommy and Daddy’s annual vacation with the MacKinnons (Andy, Tiffeny and Ryan), the Hatches (Jeff, Sheila, Aidan, Kiera and Rauri) and Uncle Bob. This time we got to bring you! Uncle Bob shared our cottage with us (poor guy!) and Eco got to on vacation at a kennel a couple of towns away. On Tuesday you smiled/giggled for the first time! Daddy, Mommy and Uncle Bob were there to witness it. You got to visit the waterside, go on a ride with Uncle Bob and Daddy, hang out with the adults at night (all the other kids were in bed; you were so lucky) and most fun, go through a corn maze. You and mommy only made it halfway through before your hunger pains set in so we went back to the beginning to eat and hang out on the lawn. Tiffeny and Andy were the first to finish the maze (go guys!) and Daddy and Uncle Bob made an impressive showing by coming in third place. We didn’t use the walkietalkies that much!!! Although we missed Eco a lot, he met a lot of friends at his kennel and even got to come to our cabin and go in the water with daddy. I just think he was jealous because even though we had him longer than you, he was the one that was boarded.

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