Sunday, October 01, 2006

13 Weeks Old

I'm changing how I'm titling these entries because its getting too confusing. You are 13 weeks old but you are in your 14th week of life. I get messed up whenever anyone asks how old you are. I'm going to switch to how many weeks old you are to make it easier on myself!
On Thursday you turned 3 months old. Yeah! Daddy and I can't believe its been an entire year since we started this wild baby ride. Just a year ago you were in our imagination and here you are! This week you got to see your Grandmim and Grandpa Bill. They were so excitied to see your chubby little cheeks and adorable smile!
We spent alot of quality time together this week because Mommy is going back to work tomorrow. Alot of our quality time revolved around me crying but we'll be fine. On Friday, you came to school with me so Mommy could get some work done. You got to see lots of big kids and the excitement of the photocopier! Everyone thinks you are adorable and doesn't know why you can't come to school with me. I bet you are smarter and better behaved than most of my kids.
Tomorrow, you get to start spending your days with your Auntie Angi and your Cousin Kaleb. Although I will miss you terribly, I bet you will have lots of fun. We all just hope Eco can handle it!

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