Sunday, December 03, 2006

Week 22 - Oh Christmas Tree....

So, for some odd reason we spent Saturday decorating foliage in the house. I don't get it! Daddy is constantly yelling at Eco to stop bringing rocks, sticks and dead birds (yeah it was cool!) in the house and here he is not only putting a tree in the middle of the living room, but he and mommy decorated it! Adults are weird. Daddy thought that I was so small that he should put me on the tree. I am not an ornament!

In the middle of decorating we had to go out and pick up Eco form his bath at Petsmart (mommy likes to call it $30 worth of babysitting. How come she doesn't get that excited when I'm not with her?) We went to Babies r' Us to get a birthday present for Austin because he turns 1 today. We also got cousin Kaleb and myself these things called Christmas presents. Mommy and Daddy thought it was so funny that they could buy this Christmas present thing right in front of me and I would have no clue. Obviously this Christmas thing is supposed to be a surprise but mommy and daddy are lazy! While they were there, daddy let me pick out a new toy and I fell in love with Mallory the Monkey. She is so my new best friend.

In the last couple of weeks I found this weird squishy thing in my mouth. It is so cool! When I stick it out everyone laughs! I also found out I can talk with it. If I move it real fast against my lips I make this really cool raspberry sound. I can do this for ever. It is so fun!

After all that decorating stuff we got tired and I relaxed with my Daddy. I actually sat on my own for about 30 seconds. That is kind of cool. I wonder if I will be able to do more of that. Mommy keeps telling me I have to roll over but I am so content lying on my back and playing with my toys!

In the end the tree looked real pretty. I just don't know why the adults put it up when Eco is just going to take it down! Oh, I've got a question for all my fans out there. Mommy, Daddy and Grammy keep telling me about some fat, white man who breaks into the house, eats my cookies and fills my socks with stuff. Is this against the law or just a fraternity prank? I think I might need to talk to the authorities about this.

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