Saturday, December 16, 2006

Week 24 - Eco -"I am not Declan's Horse"

Okay - this is Eco typing and I just need to vent. Nevermind that I was the master of the house for just under a year. Never mind that I was dethroned by some weird hairless breed puppy that drools all the time. I'm getting a little angry because I am losing my identity!

I am not Declan's horse!

Now, don't get my wrong. I love the little runt of the litter. I am extremely jealous of him but I only let him know this by stealing his socks off his feet. I know its a bit passive aggressive but it makes me feel better.

For the Mommy and the Daddy, oh I let them know I am jealous all the time. I steal stuff, I beat up mommy, I make life hard for Aunt Angi on a daily basis. How do they repay me? They let this kid ride me like a stallion. Its bad enough that I have to share my throne with this Declan thing, but now they are treating me like a common animal!

Don't worry. I too shall overcome!

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