Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Week 25 - Go Patriots!

That Santa guy came early on Sunday morning and only left one of my many presents. I find that to be a shoddy work ethic but I really enjoyed the present. I got a Teddy Bruschi football jersey. Santa got it big enough so I could wear it over my clothes.

Mommy was excited Santa dropped it off early because daddy thinks when I don't wear Patriots regalia on game day, I'm jinxing the Patriots. I would blame their offense but daddy blames it on the lack of logo apparel on this 6 month old.

Oh, by the way - they won!

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lioness' den said...

hello right back! I'm glad that you can peek in on my life and I can peek in on yours. Your baby is so damn cute! I simply can't wait to meet him!

Love you!