Friday, April 06, 2007

9 month appointment

On Tuesday I had my 9 month doctor's appointment. We were all so excited to see how much I grew. Mommy of course left out the little fact that I was going to be getting a shot but I'll forgive her. It was just one shot and it wasn't too painful. Daddy and I had lots of fun playing in th waiting room....

Then it was our turn! At first I tried to grab all the paperwork and Dr. Shah's laptop. I tried to help him I needed it for a quick blog but I guess he didn't understand me. I would think that at least a pediatrician would know how to speak baby. Maybe he just doesn't understand my dialect. So, after much stretching and weighing and a couple of tears on my part (that stretching on the measuring board makes my fat little legs hurt) we found out....drumroll please....I am in the 90th percentile for weight and the 9th percentile for height! Exactly what I thought! I'm still short and fat!
We did get to tell Dr. Shah about all my new tricks though. I am talking my own language up a storm! I am getting frustrated that no one speaks the same language, though. Daddy seems to get excited when I make this "DaDa" sound so I guess I must be doing something right. I'm rolling from front to back. I'm really starting to reach over when I sit and often go from sitting to popping on my belly to try and get things. I'm eating cheerios, yogurt and cheese. I'm starting to give up my bottle at mealtimes and have started drinking from sippy and straw cups. My legs are getting stronger as I'm standing and I'm actively playing with all my toys. I love to bang things against each other and squeal when I'm happy. I LAUGH ALL THE TIME! Mommy calls me the happiest baby on earth and I agree with her. I love my papuppy. I grab his ears, his tags, his hair his...everything, and he lets me because he loves me. I am truly a nine month old!

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