Monday, September 18, 2006

Week 10

Yeah! I finally caught up! We just finished week 10 and my, oh my – it was amazing and eventful. First off, you had your 2 Month Well Baby and immunization appointment at Dr. Shah’s on Friday. We found out you were in the 50th percentile for weight so you are perfectly average, not fat like mommy and daddy are always telling you (although you do resemble Buddha or Marlon Brando). Your height, well... that’s another story. You are in the 46th percentile for height. That means your short. Sorry Bug! We hoped you would dodge the height bullet despite us. I promise I’ll make you eat lots of broccoli and drink lots of milk while you’re growing up so maybe we can beat the odds. Developmentally everything was great except for your range of motion in your neck. You have a stiff neck because you sleep in your carseat. Mommy has to do exercises with you everyday in which you look like Linda Blair from Poltergeist (minus the pea soup). When the doctor did these exercises with you you screamed like a banshee! Wow! I didn’t these exercises with you you screamed like a banshee! Wow! I didn’t even know you had lungs like that. You continued the screaming through all five of your shots (ouch – five!) but you quieted down when mommy got you in the Baby Bjorn. You just needed a cuddle. The next two days you were not yourself. You weren’t horrible; you just weren’t yourself. You slept A LOT and fussed whenever I moved you. I felt so bad for you but you were quite adorable. We also had to start you on a medicine for your reflux. You are such a trooper when you take it! On Monday, Grampy, you and I drove down to Medford so you could meet your Great Mama. She fell in love with you! You were her best birthday present in a long time (she turned 83 on Tuesday)!

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