Monday, September 18, 2006

Week 11

Woah! This week was a lot of fun! We went shopping with Aunt Kate and she bought you your Bumbo. You love it. You sit in it and talk to me like you have something to say. As soon as we put you into it, Eco bee lined for you and started to lick every open space on your body. I think he liked the fact that he could see you so easily. When Mommy and Auntie went to Babiesr Us to get your Bumbo (we were actually there to get formula – you love your formula!) Mommy found you the perfect Halloween costume. You are going to be a pea pod! Sunday was a very important day for you because it was the first Patriot’s game of the season. You were really lucky because you got to watch it with Daddy and Uncle Bob. Both of those guys love you in your Bumbo. Daddy likes to play UFO wit it. He launches you in the air and has you hover all over the house. Uncle Bob just thinks its cool he can pick you up in it and put you anywhere. Developmentally, you are making HUGE strides! You are talking up a storm. You could literally talk to me for a good 20 minutes to half hour and you love to talk over me when I’m talking or singing to you. Everyone keeps commenting on the fact that you probably inherited your mother’s gift of gab. That’s the Irish in you (that and you’ll probably like beer). On Monday you had your first real giggle. I tickled your belly and when I turned around to do something you let out a great belly giggle! On Tuesday, you almost rolled over. You were in your Pack n’ Play playing in your Einstein gym and Voila! You turned yourself all the way over to your side. Yeah Dexie Mexie! What a cool week!

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