Tuesday, November 21, 2006

20 Weeks Old!

Yeah! Mommy said since I am 20 weeks old I could start writing my own Blog. That mommy is so smart and nice! I haven't really done anything new this week. I still love to stand but the rolling thing I'm not too good at. Maybe my belly is too round and my legs are too short to kelp me roll. Oh - I did start oatmeal this week. It is so much better than rice cereal. How come everyone was holding out on me when it came to this oatmeal thing? Rice cereal is the gum on the bottom of oatmeal's shoe!

So how come adults think its funny to dress defenseless children and animals up for their enjoyment?

Seriously! I thought this hat was a riot when Mommy and Daddy bought it for Eco. I mean, who doesn't enjoy seeing that dog humiliated. But come on! I get it - I look like an elf!

I am kind of cute in that hat. Maybe its not as bad as I thought.

I tried on my new snow suit that Aunt Kate bought me. Its still too huge (actually it fits ok in the belly but is too long. Hey - no short and fat jokes!)

Hey - now I get why you guys have been hanging all that crap off of my car seat. I can play with it. Now I get it!

Oh, have I told you that I find this really cool thing called a Daddy? These things are so fun!

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