Saturday, December 30, 2006

Week 26 - So sad, so short and so fat...

I went to my 6th month appointment on Thursday. I'm healthy and developing well but they diagnosed me with... with.. being short and fat! I'm in the 95th percentile for weight and the 10th percentile for height. And, oh yeah....the 55th percentile for the size of my head. Great - I'm fat, short AND have a big head. I'm a catch! Come on ladies, come and get me. Well, at least I'm still cute! Oh and to add insult to injury, Dr. S said I'm not rolling because of my large head, large belly and short legs! Aaaaah! Developmentally I'm doing great with my verbal skills and my fine motor skills so Dr. S said not to worry.

After my shots I slept the night away but I was in such a bad mood on Friday. I was only happy when Mommy held me. When I felt better in the afternoon, we went over to Aunt Titi's and I got to meet my Aunt Renee. She bought me one of those Christmas presents too! How cool! I then watched my friend Ryan walk all around the house and play like a big boy. Oh - I can't wait till I'm a big boy (maybe I'll be able to roll by then)!

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lioness' den said... it kid! All us Murray decendants have a hard time with the belly and the head thing. What I do know is that we have all mastered rolling! Never fear, once you learn how to roll, you won't stop.

Kisses to you sweet boy.